Palm Sunday

Join us at Emory United Methodist Church as we kick off Holy Week with a special online Palm Sunday Worship Service.

Since we are unable to congregate together in our church building, below are some instructions for a Palm Leaf Fold and Cut Craft that you can print and cut out yourself to have and wave together in your homes during our Palm Sunday worship service.

  • Download and print out this Palm leaf template (the template also has the directions on it)
  • Cut template along the dotted line.
  • Fold a piece of green paper (or another if you don’t have green) in half and paper clip the template so the dotted line is along the fold.
  • Cut through the template and both layers of construction paper along the black lines.
  • Separate and use the template to make multiple leaves if you wish.
  • Unfold the construction paper to see your finished palm leaf.
  • Take a pipe cleaner, stick/dowel or a tightly rolled second piece of paper and tape it to the center as a stem.

You are now ready to wave your palm branches while shouting “Hosanna!” as you participate in our live-streamed service at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday. You can watch at Emory’s website or join us on our Facebook Page to engage with others as you worship.